Photo by: Julia Lugovska

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First let me tell you a bit about me, I’m SteveCarty With over three decades of experience as a professional photographer, I specialize in editorial portraits, streetstyle, and advertising. A Life Behind the Camera is my place to share work that I don’t share anywhere else. Personal work that I am developing, street photography i’m creating for print sales and books, and special projects I’ve yet to think of. Subscribing here allows you to see it first. I’ll be posting more images, and sharing more stories here than anywhere else. I often make BTS video content to go along with the photography and stories that I share here. I’ll include video embeds of making the work I shoot so you would have to chase links.

My mission with this blog is to inspire, guide, and teach aspiring photographers.

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I have an amazing community of emerging shooters following my work, they engage in my live YouTube Photography Podcast and connect on Discord. If you are a Photographer, i’ll help you enhance your skills and elevate your work with 3 live shows a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 2pm EST. I’m close to becoming a partner on YouTube but i’m still a few months away.

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I make photos. I'm and internationally published pro with over 30yrs in business. I share exclusive content here as an outlet and to inspire the next generation.


Steve Carty
⚡️I'm a internationally published Pro photographer with over 30yrs experience, specializing in editorial portraits, street style, and advertising⚡️